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Shaking Hands Over a Bid.

Closing the Estimate Loop

You know that moment when you’re standing there with a prospect nearing the end of a bid, and you’ve given the best advice you could, and you’re wondering what you can do to seal the deal? Is there a word that could change everything? Is there a gesture that pulls a lever and confirms in the prospect’s mind that you are the One? What could possibly happen in that moment that could plant the winning idea that the prospect need look no further for the solution to their problem?

Tony Kanak of Sales Evolution says that one of the best things you can do in that moment is ask for a commitment from the prospect. It may sound tricky at first, but learning to navigate those waters and pressing for commitment is what Kanak says is the basic right of every selling professional. So how do you ask for a commitment without making a hard and awkward sell?

Kanak says that after you promise to get back to the prospect with an estimate, you ask that, in return for your time and effort, the prospect give you their word that they will review the estimate and respond to you promptly by phone or email. In effect, you’re asking them to close the responsibility-loop. There it is–the basic right of selling professionals is to have their carefully constructed estimates and proposals considered by the prospect, and responded to. It’s not really a lot to ask after all, and the result of increased communication makes it likely that more attention will be payed the proposal and trust will be developed because of reciprocated appreciation and respect.

Want to hear more? Check out the webinar by Tony, “Why Hearing ‘no’ is Often More Important than Hearing ‘Yes’. Also, check out his podcast on the same topic, and learn why getting a ‘no’ sooner in the bid can lead to more future business.

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