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Making a Digital Marketing Plan

Creating a Digital Marketing Plan

One of the first steps to growing your business is putting together a digital marketing plan. To get started with your plan, you should determine two things about your business:

  1. Your goals.
  2. Your messaging.

First, take a look at where your business is now and determine where you want it to be in the future. Set specific and measurable goals to achieve through your marketing campaign.

Second, determine the messaging of your marketing campaign. Take a look at your company values and use these to guide how you communicate in your marketing efforts.

After you have completed these two steps, you are ready to choose a strategy and get to work. Check out some valuable tools and tips below to help you get started.

Create a social media presence

Social media channels serve many purposes for organizations, and they’re completely free to create and use. They can be used to share content consistently, showcase your best work and create two-way communication.

Each social media platform should be used a little differently in order to get the most engagement from your audience. The most popular social channels are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • Facebook has the most users out of any social media platform. You have the potential to reach larger audiences using different types of content. Generally, it is best to post pictures and videos to get the most engagement from your audience.
  • Twitter is great for promoting shorter messages. Similar to Facebook, photos and videos do best on Twitter.
  • Instagram is even more image focused than Twitter and Facebook. The majority of users on Instagram fall into a younger demographic. The site is perfect for painting companies because you can easily showcase your work and portray your brand.

Use other online tools

It is important to take advantage of online tools that your audience is using on a daily basis. It’s not realistic to put your business information everywhere, but you can easily take advantage of a few of the best resources.

Google My Business: Establishes your business and appear on Google searches. Using this resource, you can make sure Google displays the correct information, like your business phone number, address and important details about your business including services offered. It also allows you to easily respond to reviews and add photos.

Find A Painter: Allows consumers to type in their address to locate reputable painters nearby. Have your company included in this listing by becoming a PCA member.

Angie’s List: Connects consumers with professional home service providers. You can register for an account and promote your business to local potential customers. These connections prove valuable in establishing your credibility.

Implement an email campaign

A great way to get in touch with your current and future customers is through email. Start by creating a list of people you will contact. Once you have a list, develop a series of emails to send to those potential customers.

Focus on how readers will benefit from your company and share something unique and valuable. Try not to focus on asking people on your email list to use your services. You can promote your company, but you will gain trust by providing some sort of unique information, whether it’s painting tips or an article about how to increase the value of your home.

In a digital age, it is important to consistently promote your business in different online spaces. If you aren’t already, use social media consistently, take advantage of online tools and implement an email campaign for the greatest return on your investment.

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