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Staying Productive During The Busy Season

Surviving the Busy Season

After a long summer of work, the jobs often continue to flow in as we see cooler temperatures. As the busy season wraps up, it’s crucial to stay organized and productive. Check out some of these top tips for keeping up at the end of the busy season.

Build a balanced schedule

This is one of the most important tips for surviving the busy season. It’s easy to overschedule your best employees since they do such great work. But, employees will get burnt out if they are working too many hours. They will begin to perform poorly and actually slow production down. Make sure you are giving employees adequate breaks and compensating them for overtime work. If you notice an employee is moving slowly, let them go home and get a fresh start the next day.

Create a detailed calendar

Make sure you are keeping organized by putting important information into a calendar. This will make sure you never miss an appointment. After you take a look at your calendar, start each day with a to-do list. Outline the tasks you must complete that day in order to keep on track.

Decide what jobs to do/not to do

During this time of year, you can be picky about which jobs you choose to accept. Only take on jobs that will provide a high return for your company. If you do not have adequate time and it’s not a fitting job for your team, simply say no and give a recommendation for another painter. By doing so, you will continue to work on the projects you want and give full attention to each customer.

Start your workday earlier

Starting an hour earlier can kick-start your team’s productivity. You’ll be able to beat traffic and spend less time commuting. An hour might not seem like a lot, but it makes a big difference when every day is busy.

Divide up your team to be the most effective

This is crucial during the busy season. Delegate different key tasks to your team members. This could mean one of two things, sending employees to different job sites or assigning each employee a different task at the same job site.

You might see a boost in productivity by sending employees to separate job sites. Your teams will save time by sending a couple of people out to do estimates all day and sending another group to do an exterior paint job. Make sure you are pairing the job type with the strengths of each employee.

You will make the most of your team’s time by assigning each team member a different task at the same job site. If you are painting a home interior, place a team member in each room. This will create a firm understanding of the task at hand and divide the job into chunks.

Stay on top of calls, emails and other requests

It’s easy to slip and let a call go to voicemail or let an email sit in your inbox for a few days when you are busy in the field. A few missed messages every day can lead to a mess at the end of the week. Set aside some time each day to respond to calls and emails. Whether you are doing this early in the morning, on your lunch break or in the evening, prompt follow-up will set your business apart from others who take longer to respond. This method keeps the work flowing and can set you up for additional projects later in the year.

Make sure you keep your company running smoothly this busy season with these tips. Want to hear more business tips? Become a PCA member for access to all educational content.