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Delighting Your Customers

The ‘Wow’ of Delighting Your Customers

Do you delight your customers and add the ‘wow factor’ to your company? Sylvester Chisom, an entrepreneur and author of four best-selling books, joined us on a recent PaintED podcast to discuss ways to go above and beyond for the customers you serve. 

First and foremost, make sure you are living up to your service promise. The next step is delighting your customers–adding value and understanding what your customers want. 

Understand What Delights Your Customers

In order to bring the wow factor, you need to talk to your customers to learn what they want. Ask about their experience and make an effort to understand the things they did or did not like. Use this feedback to create new opportunities to provide what customers are looking for.

Touch Points

You’ll have several touch points throughout the process while working with customers. From initial phone calls to the appearance of your team and cleaning up a job site, keep all of your touch points above average. There should be a certain process set up to perfect your presence and impress your customers.

In this process, look back at the feedback your customers have given and use this information to modify your touch points to better serve your customers.  

Want to learn more about delighting your customers? Check out our recent PaintED podcast with Sylvester Chisom.