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Best Way To End a Sale

Do You Ask for the Sale?

When you meet with a client, what is the best way to end? Should you immediately ask for the sale or should you let the prospective client take some time to think? In this episode of Ask-A-Painter Live, Nick Slavik discusses his approach to asking for the sale.

In his own business, Nick never asks for the sale directly. He waits for the client to give the go-ahead, and he has seen much success doing this. Although, he realizes this tactic is not for everyone.

Whether you directly ask for the sale or not, Nick gives some general advice for estimating and bringing in new customers.

  • Listen: If you have the opportunity to go out on an estimate, the prospect is already interested. Listen to what they have to say to learn more, then use that information to win the sale.
  • Build trust: Spend time making conversation with the prospect. You don’t only have to talk about your services or the sale.
  • Experiment with your approach: You do not have to stick to one sales approach. Try a few different methods and determine which works best.

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