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The Importance of Hearing No in Sales

As a contractor, part of your job is to guide potential customers through the decision making process. Some will say yes and some will say no. In this webinar, “Why Hearing No is Often More Important Than Hearing Yes in Selling,” Tony Kanak explains the benefit of building trust with prospects and letting them say no.

Tony reveals one question to ask that will qualify the prospect. He says contractors should ask, “If you hired someone to do this job, and by the end, it was a total success, what would the job have been like?” This lets you know what it will be like to do this job and exactly what is expected of you. At that point, you can agree to the job or say no.

On the other end, Tony explains it is important to let potential customers know they are allowed to say no. In fact, he encourages contractors to clearly state to prospects, “If at any time you know your answer is no, stop me.” This helps you avoid focusing on estimates for jobs you won’t be doing. Hearing no ultimately saves time and money when the job is not a fit.

Learn more about decision making and the power of hearing ‘no’ by watching the full webinar.

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