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The Elements of Building Out Your Schedule

The Scheduling Beast

Scheduling is the hub of everything contractors do, and it often becomes a challenge. In this podcast, John Busick explains the elements that come into play when building out your schedule.

Upcoming Jobs and Capacity
You will create your schedule based on jobs you’ve received. It is important to determine your capacity and understand exactly how much work you can take on.

Customer Timing
When you create your schedule, you have to take into account the timing of the customer. Understand that some jobs may have to be done over the weekend or in the evening to meet the needs of your clients.

Inclement weather can instantly alter your plans. Always remember you might have to switch jobs around based on the daily forecast.

You should be mindful of your equipment when organizing your upcoming jobs. Make sure you have a detailed record and plan for where each truck, sprayer, lift and other equipment is going on a daily basis.

General Contractors
When working with general contractors, you are often subject to their deadlines. Keep their schedule in mind as you plan future jobs.

Want to create an efficient schedule? Listen to the podcast to hear more about the moving parts of your schedule and how to avoid mistakes.

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