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Maximizing Your Marketing ROI

Maximizing Your Marketing ROI

Being in control of your marketing results is key to building a streamlined and predictable business. In this webinar, Danny Kerr defines what marketing is and outlines the steps to executing a proper marketing campaign.

Marketing is the process of strategically attracting and retaining your ideal customers. It should be noted that marketing is NOT reacting to leads when you are short on work, randomly spreading the word about your business or bringing leads in as they come.

Once you have a grasp on what marketing is, you can create a campaign using these five steps.

  1. Set up a system to know your numbers
  2. Know your customer
  3. Choose your tactics
  4. Execute
  5. Monitor results and adjust

To learn more, listen to the full webinar, “Maximizing Your Marketing ROI.” Danny provides an in-depth explanation of the steps and explains a tool for profiling your ideal customer to structure a marketing plan that speaks to them.

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