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Effective Leadership Qualities

Effective Leadership Qualities

Becoming a great leader is something that takes practice and must be earned. In a recent PaintED podcast, Dave Rosenberg of Locked on Leadership joined us to explain the three qualities that come along with effective leadership–integrity, courage and character.


To be a great leader, you need to be true to yourself. The things you believe and say about yourself should align with your actions. Integrity is the first building block for becoming an effective leader.


The values and purposes you have stated about yourself and your company will be challenged at times. When these challenges arise, you need to have the courage to stand by your beliefs to be an effective leader. Although you might lose something when you’re challenged, standing by your word will show how much you care.


Your character represents your actions as they relate to the values you have set for yourself. If you act according to your stated values, good character will be displayed.

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