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Getting More Business with Instagram

Getting More Business with Instagram

When it comes to reaching your clients and potential customers online, Instagram is a resource painting companies can leverage to grow and engage a consistent following and generate new leads. This platform has over one billion active users and is used by 71% of U.S. businesses.

In a recent webinar, Ken Tucker and Christine Zobel from Changescape Web joined us to discuss the basics of Instagram, why you should be using this platform and how to implement some of the Instagram best practices. Here are a few highlights from the webinar:

Share Video Content

Video posts have a 38% higher engagement rate than image posts.

Take Advantage of Instagram Business Intelligence

Instagram gives you the advantage of seeing who is following your competitors, the locations people check in to and the people interested in your niche.

Post Consistently

Aim to share at least one post per day. Use content about your business, important stats from your business and content that relates to your community of followers.

Include Hashtags in Your Strategy

Use relevant hashtags in your posts to increase traction on your posts. The use of hashtags will help people who are not following your account see your posts.

These are just some of the tips on using Instagram for your business. Check out the webinar for the full overview of Instagram insights and ways you can immediately start using this platform to reach your audience.

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