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Employee Advancement

Pathways for Employee Advancement

New employees can often find that their aspirations have been lost in the rush of starting a new job. In this podcastChristian Militello walks us through how he’s creating ways to give new employees attainable goals and how to overcome the problems he’s facing in the process.

  • Understand the epidemic of undervaluing what painting contractors do.
  • Think about the size of your company and the advancement of your employees.
  • Make a tree full of job positions and things you have to know to get there.
  • Understand employees are concerned with how much money they are making, and outline the steps to get where they want to be.
  • ALWAYS provide opportunity.
  • Break down how profit relates to job opportunity and advancement for employees.
  • Determine how you address training.
  • Encourage employees to document everything you do and pursue their curiosity.

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