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Roundtables helping teamwork make the dream work

Get the Discussion Going

PCA Roundtables are contractor-only, peer-to-peer discussion groups of 20 PCA members matched up based on years in business and yearly revenue streams. Members are encouraged to share information and problem-solve with other painting contractors who find themselves in the same stage of business growth and industry segment. In addition to peer knowledge-sharing, each roundtable offers:

Facebook Private Groups— Roundtable facilitators will help jump start conversations in the group and ensure that interactions are beneficial and relevant.

Monthly Calls— The PaintED team hosts monthly roundtable calls (lasting 30 – 45 minutes) to give members a chance to speak with fellow contractors in an easy-to-access format and offers topics built around members’ monthly goals and challenges. (For example: Estimating, Marketing, Financial Planning, Business Growth and more.)

We offer five different forum groups to join:

  1. Residential
  2. Commercial
  3. Small Businesses (under $500k in revenue)
  4. Tipping Point Businesses (between $500k – $1M in revenue)
  5. Million Dollar Businesses (over $1M in revenue)

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