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Effective Hiring

Grow Your Business Through Effective Hiring

What is the most necessary resource a company has for growth? What if your most valuable resource is already stretched to its fullest capacity? If your greatest resource is already spent, you can’t grow your business.

In general, I see three variables causing individuals to make a decision to work for a company: Efficient process, Flexibility to adapt, and Ability to cast a vision for the candidate’s future. I didn’t state pay because that is an obvious factor for people, but it doesn’t play to the emotional buy-in for a company. If you want people to work for you, obviously you should be willing to meet market standards. If you want to be effective in your hiring to scale your business, you need to understand your value proposition as a company and help individuals see how it aligns with their emotional desires.

Efficient Process

“Time kills all deals,” is a quote which I hear all of the time. You are in the business of building your revenue just like every other business, so you might not even need me to mention the correlation of time and closing a deal. Have you ever thought about the emotional toll a company might have on an individual which is awaiting a response from an application or interview? It must be a necessary objective of hiring managers and leaders within organizations to help the candidate feel engaged and desired throughout the process. If you linger on giving feedback or “wait to review other candidates,” you are communicating on a level which evokes an emotional response from the candidate and it isn’t in you favor. Communicate expectations and follow up throughout the interview process, and then do as you promise.

Flexibility to Adapt

I am not telling you to make every position fully remote here, and I am telling you to be open to options. If a candidate feels rigidity throughout the process of interviewing on “how we do things;” what kind of subconscious message are they receiving? We don’t need to give in to every request of working from home full-time. What if we adjusted the way we discuss our work environment to help people feel like their desires and concerns are of value to us, so they know they will be heard when they do have a reasonable request. Don’t close doors when individuals are seeking how flexible you will be with them; communicate openness to hearing their situation and flex as capable.

Ability to Cast Vision for Candidates Future

This is the most important item for every company. Have you ever heard someone complain about “employee loyalty?” My question in retort is always, “why should they be loyal to you?” Most companies seek employees who will do something for them, but there needs to be a transition towards mutual benefit. We build loyalty with people by investing into them and offering something to them (not just a paycheck). If all we offer is a paycheck, then they will leave for a company that can increase that paycheck. Figure out what individuals want in their career progression, and help them pursue those next steps. Even if that means preparing them to leave your company for the next position. Your investment will pay dividends regardless.

About The Author

Brian Johnson Headshot

Brian Johnson, Director of Talent at Aleph Holdings.

Family: Wife is Mindy and daughters, Vivienne, Lucielle, Edith, Dorothie.

Work Passion: Love to establish what an individuals wants and needs for now and future employment and then connecting them with the right position.

Fun: Hunting and Skateboarding with his daughters. Aspiring shoe collector.