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SurfPrep Sanding Masterclass

SurfPrep Sanding Master Class

Master Class – A Valuable Resource for Painting Contractors

This past summer, Nick Slavik held a Master Class to educate business owners who wish to increase their bottom line. One of PCA’s industry partners, SurfPrep Sanding, demonstrated their commitment to improving the lives of industry professionals by sponsoring the event.

Nick Slavik, master craftsperson for 29 years and painting business owner for 14 years, hosted the event. Slavik is an expert at gathering real-time information and emotions from his audience. Together, SurPrep and Slavik worked to plan the class, focusing on the topics that would be most relevant and beneficial to the attendees’ businesses.

Choosing Topics that Address Issues in the Industry

Hannah Khalaf, the marketing director for SurfPrep, worked with Slavik to identify the subjects that participants would be most eager to explore.

“I asked Nick what he thought was the most exciting to touch on with all of the West Coast attendees and what he thought was the most relevant in today’s age,” said Khalaf.

The pandemic’s impact on finding hard-working people in 2021 made last year’s focus on modern apprenticeship the most essential. However, two themes – strengthening the sector and cooperating as contractor emerged in 2022.

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SurfPrep’s Massive Support for the Event

When SurfPrep became a PCA industry partner, the opportunity to play such a significant role in the Master Class emerged. SurfPrep was honored to help Nick and PCA share this knowledge with attendees in order to support the leaders of the industry.

“PCA was looking for a location that was able to host individuals wanting to attend Nick’s Master Classes,” said Khalaf. “Marsha gave us the reins, and we let her know what we would be able to offer.”

Keeping the Master Classes personal and intimate was a priority for SurfPrep. After deciding on a space for 20–25 attendees, they had no problem filling the available seats.

“The Master Class is honestly great brand recognition for PCA members and nonmembers, and to be able to see how SurfPrep runs as an organization. Overall, being able to sponsor an event was really awesome,” said Khalaf.

Encouraging Participants to Develop More Meaningful Connections

SurfPrep wanted to maintain the event’s intimate and personal atmosphere. Participants attended a cookout to give everyone a chance to socialize and network outside of the classroom.

“We ended up hosting a huge barbeque at our family home. We had some cornhole games, people brought their families, and it really brought the relationships to a different level,” said Khalaf.

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Master Class VS Traditional Trade Show

Although some people may assume that the Master Class is just another tradeshow, there are quite a few components of the Master Class that set it apart and benefit business owners in a unique way.

“I think the intimacy is definitely much different than a tradeshow,” said Khalaf. “I would say this has nothing to do with hands-on. It’s definitely focused towards the business owner or the upper management.”

Khalaf explained that the Master Class can be compared to a day of college. Because attendees get the chance to exchange learnings with other attendees, it enhances the value of the event and ultimately helps participants advance and build their companies.

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A Great Host Helps Create a Great Master Class

Nick Slavik is known for always coming up with innovative solutions to pressing issues in every business. “I think Nick is one of the best teachers in the USA when it comes to leadership,” said Khalaf. “You can’t even put a price on the value this knowledge brings to your company and to yourself.”

If you are interested in learning more about bringing a Master Class to your area, begin the conversation by sending Marsha Bass, PCA’s Operations Manager, an email at mbass@pcapainted.org.