Operations Manager

Marsha Bass

Email: mbass@pcapainted.org

I’ve worked in the nonprofit sector for 25 plus years.  Through the years, I developed a strong sense of appreciation for how nonprofits strive to improve and elevate their industry one program at a time.  The PCA team refers to me as the office mom.  From my in-house Marsha-isms (the team calls them) to supporting and providing guidance when needed…I guess that does make me the office mom!  I guess being a mother of 5 adult children and grandmother of 13 grandchildren prepared me for the office mom role.

One of the highlights with PCA is being the recipient of the PCA Richard A. Liddeke Distinguished Service Award.  I never imagined being included in PCA’ s history as a recipient of this prestigious award.  I will forever be grateful PCA’s recognition of my dedication and loyalty to this organization and its members.