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HOMAX TEX>>PRO™ Texture System by PPG Proves A New Innovation For Contractors When Preparing Residential Spaces for Sale

  • High building costs have increased the demand for contractors as owners look to update existing homes in preparation for sale.
  • Adding or matching textures, as well as removing popcorn ceilings, is a common need in older homes to make them more modern and appealing to potential buyers.
  • Homax Tex>>Pro™ by PPG is an innovative, proprietary texture sprayer and cartridge system that makes the professional builders’ and remodelers’ job of spraying texture on interior walls and ceilings faster, lighter and more cost-effective.

Hot housing market presents challenges to contractors tasked with updating older homes to sell

This year, the housing market has seen some of the highest housing prices ever, and they’re likely to continue rising. While this provides an incentive for many homeowners to put their homes up for sale selling presents a few unique challenges of its own, especially for contractors who are tasked with preparing their residences for sale.

According to the American Community Survey by the US Census Bureau1, the median age for homes in the U.S. is about 44 years old, and contractors are often called upon to provide older homes with special attention. Much of that attention should be paid to walls and ceilings, which, over time, need repair from wear and tear. Aesthetic upgrades are also often required to modernize out-of-date interior design trends. These upgrades can sometimes be time-consuming and expensive. According to Associated Builders and Contractors2, inflation on building materials has nearly tripled in the last year, and contractors are now faced with choosing between cutting into their bottom line or providing subpar work and materials to buyers and sellers in an effort to save money. Fortunately, there are budget-friendly tips and tricks that can help contractors save many when making upgrades to older homes.

Using a texture system to update walls and ceilings with decorative finishes

Adding or matching textures on walls is a common need in older homes. And, removing popcorn ceilings and replacing them with a modern texture can make a home more appealing to potential buyers.

Historically, contractors have utilized hopper guns to complete these tasks. However, traditional hopper guns present several challenges to contractors – they require multiple people to assemble, spill easily and are difficult to aim at ceilings. They also require that users manually mix each batch of texture, which requires mixing tools.

Traditional hopper guns require workers to either store or properly dispose of surplus texture materials, which incurs additional time and monetary cost. Finally, hopper guns can weigh more than 25 pounds when full and are prone to spills given their height and uneven weight distribution. .  All these challenges can present a headache for contractors, not to mention a strain on wallets and labor time.

HOMAX TEX>>PRO™ Texture System by PPG marks a much-needed improvement to the decades-old traditional hopper product and solves the common challenges contractors face. By offering an innovative, proprietary texture sprayer and cartridge system, Homax Tex>>Pro makes the professional builders’ and remodelers’ job of spraying texture on interior walls and ceilings faster, lighter and more cost-effective. Technological advantages of the Homax Tex>>Pro Texture System include:

  • 60% lighter than a traditional hopper when full
  • Easy two-handed grip
  • Minimal overspray
  • 70% faster setup and cleanup
  • Zero mixing time
  • No longer a need to clean the bucket, mixing equipment

The Homax Tex>>Pro system turns texturing work into a one-person job, ensuring productivity and efficiency. The system saves customers approximately $100 per job. Since launching the product in January 2022, customers have enjoyed how the Homax Tex>>Pro system frees up time and labor for other aspects of remodeling and building projects, which is especially crucial as contractors and builders navigate recent labor shortages.

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With many homeowners preparing to sell their homes, contractors will be vital to make needed changes and upgrades to get homes ready to sell. As construction costs continue increasing, upgrading to new tools, especially a new texture sprayer, can save hours of work, which both frees up time and saves money that would have been spent on labor costs. Construction professionals should take advantage of tools, like Homax Tex>>Pro, that will save time and money when working on upgrading homes to sell and reap the benefits that reliable and time-saving construction tools offer. To learn more about the Homax Tex>>Pro Texture System, visit https://www.homaxproducts.com/texpro.

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