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In Memory Of Geny & Richard Holtz

In Memory Of Geny & Richard Holtz

With Reverence

2020 has been a challenging year for many PCA members and their families. It is with great sorrow and reverence that PCA recognizes the late Geny and Richard L. Holtz (Dicky to those who knew him well) of H.J Holtz & Son Painting in Richmond, Virginia.

Dick and Geny’s legacy is one that embodies the values and vision of PCA. They were active members of their local PCA chapter in Richmond, VA, and regular faces at EXPO. Dick is remembered for his ability to listen and help business owners solve problems. One of his longtime colleagues and friends, Jerry Howell, says, “Dick was a consummate member of PCA. He found awe in the camaraderie and success of other business owners, and acted as a role model for PCA members for more than 25 years.”

Dick was a driving force in numerous chapters throughout Virginia and the DC Metro area. He was known for his ability to provide consistency and see people as an investment. Recalling his involvement with the early days of the Virginia Council, Jerry says, “Dicky and his colleague Ken Bass drove back and forth for 12 months to provide backup for meetings.”

Anita Dallas, credits her position as Executive Vice President of the Mid Atlantic Council to Dick and Geny. They volunteered for years to keep the council stable. They frequently called to provide help and support in the beginning of the council.

Dick invested his time and energy in PCA because he saw how important it was to share information with other painting professionals. He realized that business owners in the painting industry share similar problems that could be solved through relationship building and information sharing. Dick’s oldest son, Richard Holtz (Rick), recalls that his parents didn’t take vacations; instead they attended national conferences and visited their friends (mostly other business owners that they met) throughout the year. Rick says that his father was known for staying up late into the night with struggling friends to support and help solve their painting business problems.

In his personal life and business, Dick was known to embody both clarity and integrity. His son Rick said, “He believed in doing what you say you are going to do.” Dick stressed the importance of remembering, “We work for people, and at the end of the day, all you have is your word.” He knew the stories of his employees and customers alike. Rick recalls, “If employees had issues, they came to my father.” Dick believed in treating his employees and customers like family. In a strategic business choice, Dick downsized H.J Holtz & Son Painting to focus on quality, as well as his relationships with customers and employees.

Geny passed away on Sunday, July 5, 2020, and Dick passed away Tuesday, July 28, 2020 due to pneumonia and Covid-19. They are remembered and missed.