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Labor Shortage

Labor Shortage and Closing the Skills Gap

The construction trades are facing a shortage of skilled labor in the United States, and painters are no exception. In this webinar, Jeff Winter of Sherwin-Williams explains the trends that have disrupted the industry and what his organization is doing to bring in more painters.

Jeff explains the following HR trends:

  1. Labor Supply: Between 2007 and 2013, more than 2 million workers left the construction industry. In addition, less people entering the workforce are interested in the construction trade. This makes finding good help more difficult.
  2. Changing Workforce: The people who make up the construction trade workforce are different than past generations. Recruitment efforts need to be changed, and ongoing training has become crucial to retaining younger employees.

In response to the labor shortage and skills gap, Sherwin-Williams launched Paint Your Path. This initiative tells the story of why someone would want to be a painting contractor. This platform is focused on three key messages from the painting industry:

  1. Painters can “make good money.”
  2. Painters can “take great pride” in their work.
  3. Painters can “design their career.”

Companies are encouraged to use this initiative and website when recruiting new painters. Learn more and view the webinar here.

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