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Lead Conversion For Home Service Companies

Lead Conversion For Home Service Companies

As the home service industry continues to grow, competition stiffens. Home service companies must develop digital marketing strategies that work for them by converting leads to purchases.

While every business leader in the home service industry understands the potential of digital marketing in improving sales, only a few have realized the actual benefits of this approach. Through lead conversion, home service companies can double or even triple their sales by 2025.
However, if you are a business leader or sales manager, you must have what it takes to generate leads and convert them into sales. This blog will help you navigate the technicalities of digital marketing by availing you:

  • A nine-step appointment-setting system
  • Training on how to pre-position prospects to buy

Continue reading to learn how to use the benefits listed above to move your business to the next level. But before you go further into the solutions, it is essential to look at some statistics to help build a general understanding of digital marketing.

Statistics About Home Service Leads

  • About 50-80% of leads leave unconverted. That means the leads are generated but they are never converted to a sale. (Source: ServiceLegend)
  • A small percentage of lead forms are considered bad leads.
  • Facebook leads have a closing ratio of between 20-25% (Source: ServiceLegend)
  • Google Ads & SEO Leads have a closing ratio of about 45% (Source: ServiceLegend)
  • Most customers will purchase from a company that responds to their queries.

The statistics underline the importance of setting up a specific system, script, and personnel that helps your business enhance its lead conversion efficiency. The system has to identify the right channel for conversion and respond as quickly as possible to avoid losing chances. The nine-step appointment setting system does just that.

The Nine-Step Appointment Setting System

The nine-step appointment setting system covers the basics of lead conversion , including the dos and don’ts. The system is easy to follow, making a clear path to increased lead conversion.

1. Set The Right Impression

Your business is as good as the impression you create for your prospective customers. When you call and your prospective customer does not pick up, wait a minute and call again. Smile as you make the call to put your best foot forward with prospects. . If the second call is not picked up, place the prospective customer on the follow-up list.

2. Make Friends with Your Prospective Customers

Use pick-up lines that make the customer feel comfortable talking to you. Spend some time building the rapport, but do not take more than three minutes. Work towards commonalities that make the customer feel part of the company. Studies show that customers make purchases from companies they feel attached to, or have a personal relationship with.

3. Learn More

The third step is to learn more about your customers. Acknowledge that at this point, you are selling an appointment and not the actual service. Ask polite questions that help you learn what your customer wants.

4. Get Contact Information

Whenever you get an opportunity to speak to a potential customer, spend the time gathering important data that will help you book an appointment. If the customer readily provides their contact information, you are only a few steps into converting the lead.

5. Handle The Objections That May Arise

Your conversation with the prospects will not always run smoothly. Being prepared for common objections will help you handle them effectively.

6. Set Expectations

Your prospects will come with all sought expectations. Remember they have been looking for the best home service company in their region and therefore have high expectations from you. The best thing to do at this point is to promise only that which you can deliver. Do not promise what you cannot deliver in an attempt to win the customer.

7. Pulse Check

Address your customer by name to spur their interest in closing the deal. If you get a yes at this point, then you have converted the lead into an appointment.

8. Schedule The Appointment

Scheduling an appointment to convert the lead is as simple as coming to an agreed meeting date and time. Remember, you still need to maintain your professionalism at all times in order to maintain a good reputation.

9. Confirm The Appointment

This step should help you build more trust between you and the customer. You can use this step to help the customer know whether they should expect a phone call, text message, or email before the appointment date.

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