Leading With a High ‘S’

On this episode of PaintED, Travis Dahlen from Northwind Painting in Alaska talks with us about what it means to lead with a high ‘S’. The ‘s’ is a personality style in the D-I-S-C (DISC) model of personality and leadership analysis, and leaders with a high ‘S’ tend to be very steady and patient, helping others connect and feel a sense of belonging. This sense of connection and belonging is exactly what new company culture is supposed to feel like to better attract and retain next-gen employees, so Travis and Chris do a little myth-busting regarding leadership styles, and discusses ways to either lead with a strong ‘S’ style, or get a strong ‘S’ person around you to help build that culture of belonging. And, as a frame of reference for our discussion about the DISC profile during the podcast: D is generally for Dominance and Direction, I is for Influence and Interaction, S is for Stability and Patience, and C is for Compliance and Carefulness.