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Master the Sales Moments of Truth

Master the Sales Moments of Truth

When it comes to sales, moments of truth are known as any interaction you have with prospective customers that gives them the chance to form their impression about you. Each moment of truth can have an amazing impact on the rate you close business. In a webinar with Bill Silverman, the following moments of truth are covered to explain how you can make or break the impression you leave with potential clients.

Initial Customer Calls
In this moment, you will leave an impression based on the way you answer the phone, leave a message, return calls or gather information from the customer.

Visiting the Customer
When meeting in person for the first time, you can leave the customer satisfied by arriving on time, dressing professionally, effectively setting up a meeting and uncovering their needs for the specific job.

Preparing and Delivering the Estimate
When it comes to estimates, you have the opportunity to set yourself apart by delivering the estimate effectively, explaining why the customer should choose you to do the job, asking questions, answering objectives and asking for the sale.

Following Up
If you’ve completed the previous steps, make sure to check back in with a follow-up. Answer any additional questions the customer may have and leave them feeling confident in you.

Selling or Not Selling the Job
Finally, you will sell or not sell the job based on how the previous moments played out.

Throughout each moment, you’re providing the opportunity for clients to get to know you, like you and trust you. Mastering the moments will position you as the right choice every time you engage with a potential client and help you close more business.

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