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Getting Your Business Past the Million-Dollar Threshold

Get Your Business Past the Million-Dollar Threshold

Many contractors get stuck when they reach the million dollar threshold. As a business starts to grow and more employees join the team, many systems get complex. In our recent conversation, Bill Silverman of Springboard Business Coaching provided some tips for running a successful and growing business once you reach the million dollar mark.

To start, you should look at how your business is structured, then organize the way everything is managed. When you are completing a variety of tasks, it can become difficult to stay organized.

Instead of doing every task in your business, you should allow other people to take over. Set up a management team to oversee the rest of your organization. Then, clearly define structured roles to keep your employees on task.

Continued growth is a matter of setting up new systems, mapping out what you want to do and organizing your business. Learn more about growth past the million dollar threshold in our recent PaintED podcast.