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Increase earning potential by adding refinishing to painting business.

NAPCO – What is My Earning Potential if I Add Refinishing to My Painting Business?

This is a guest blog post from PCA sponsor, NAPCO, Ltd.

The painting trade has a long, well-respected history and the Painting Contractors Association (PCA) has worked diligently to ensure the success of its members with ethics, education, and excellence. As you grow your painting business, you may wonder if the only way to expand or earn more is to charge more or hire more help. Both of these options come with their own set of challenges. So what are your options? What if you wanted to double your income?

NAPCO, Ltd. has created a partnership with PCA to provide members with access to kitchen and bath refinishing training to make increasing your income and growing your business easier. Most PCA members already have many of the important skills needed in refinishing. Attention to detail and surface preparation are among the most important!

Working as a kitchen and bath refinisher can be a very fulfilling way to expand your painting business. Not only do independent refinishers create their schedule and work opportunities, but they can also earn six figures per year. NAPCO, Ltd. is dedicated to helping independent refinishers succeed with training, products, and business counsel.

To demonstrate how this is possible, NAPCO has created a formula that refinishers can use as a model to help them reach their six-figure financial goals.

The sample breakdown below are prices based on national averages and represents work per week:

Refinish 3 tubs @ $450 each = $1,350

Refinish 1 tub surround @ $350 each

Refinish one small kitchen (countertop and cabinets) @ $2,000 each

Total per week: $3,700 per week

If you work for 50 weeks, the total earning potential is $185,000.

If you are interested in learning how to add this skill and potential income to your business, click here to take advantage of the PCA member training offer.