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PCA Roundtable Discussion Recap

PCA Roundtable Discussion Recap

With the recent change in seasons, many contractors have seen a shift in the way work is done. Some say summer is the busiest season, while others actually see work slow down by the time summer arrives. Either way, it is important to evaluate production and make sure all systems are in place to make the most out of any season. With these systems, contractors must evaluate different options when it comes to estimating and blueprint reading.

In the most recent Million Dollar Roundtable, contractors discussed some of the best practices for estimating and the benefits of including small details within the estimates. In addition, they discussed the pros and cons of various estimating software programs currently on the market. Finding the best program that works for your business was key.

Blueprint reading was another topic of interest during the Roundtable discussion. Many of the contractors have found success through outsourcing blueprint reading, but noted the importance of including specific details to get the most out of outsourcing this service. 

For more in-depth discussions and shared solutions from your contractor peers, PCA members can join us during the next roundtable event.