Proving to Customers You Can be Trusted

What is the single best thing you can do to establish trust with potential customers? Show your work? Give them options? Offer a low price? Talk yourself up? What if you had someone else tell your customer that you can be trusted? What if you had a community full of good people tell your customer that you can be trusted?

That is exactly what your membership with associations like PCA means. We don’t usually do podcasts that solely describe the perks of being a member with us, but it’s our podcast, so we can do what we want! In all seriousness, though, membership with an association of professional painting contractors means that you stand by a pretty rigorous and regulatory code of ethics and industry standards. And that means we vouch for you to your prospects and customers, helping them understand that you can be trusted in homes, work sites, and in the community. You can be trusted. I can’t imagine anything more important for you to tell your customers. Find the ethics and more information about membership at