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Painting Contractors Give Back

Remodel for Reason Campaign

In response to COVID-19 and the toll it’s taking on health care workers, one PCA member company started the campaign, Remodel for Reason, to give back to frontline workers. Paint Track, located in Westchester, NY, is offering 10 essential workers free painting services of up to $1,500 once deemed safe to begin construction work. 

The generosity doesn’t stop there. Paint Track is encouraging other industry professionals to get involved with Remodel for Reason in their own communities. Contractors can offer as many free services as they’d like to health care workers in their local areas. 

To get involved and learn more, contractors can get started by filling out this form or email Remodel4Reason@painttrack.com

“At PCA, we’re proud of the generosity of companies like Paint Track who show such great appreciation in a time of need,” said Nigel Costolloe, PCA’s Executive Director. “We encourage all contractors who have the capacity to join this movement.”

So far, nearly 20 businesses have agreed to give back in their own ways to their respective communities.

Contractors Giving Back Include:

  • Vanessa DeSilva of Femmy by Design Corp
  • Tonya Sinko of R&J Painting LLC
  • Juan Vasquez of Illusions Painting
  • Debbie Poleyestewa of Franklin Painting LLC
  • Jorge Hernandez of Legacy Construction of Tn inc.
  • Mike Kelly of Crestwood Painting
  • Efrain Medina of Medina Painting
  • Nick May of Walls by Design
  • Zack Kenny of ZK Painting
  • Rodrigo Vasconcellos of Palette Pro Painting
  • Kevin Nail of Kevin Nail Painting
  • Ryan Turry of Headwater Painting
  • Marc Ringel of Paint Works NY
  • Nigel Costolloe of CatchLight Painting
  • Affordable Handyman of Greenwich
  • Nick Rochacewich of NWR Painting
  • Jeff Dupont of Sound Painting Solutions

If you’ve been providing support in your own community, we’d like to hear about it. Email support@PCApaintED.org to share what you’ve been working on.