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The Modern Apprentice

The Modern Apprentice

The needs and interests of job-seekers today are changing, and the hiring and training practices of painting businesses need to adapt to attract and retain new talent.

Nick Slavik, the proprietor of Nick Slavik Painting and Restoration and the host of Ask-A-Painter Live, has developed a solution for the labor shortage by creating The Modern Apprentice.

The Modern Apprentice operates using The ‘Decent Human Being’ Theory. Find decent human beings, care for them, train them and solve their needs to keep them happy and working for YOUR company. You can do this by:

Giving Apprentices the Tools and Skills They Need

  • Provide personal training
  • Repetitively train Your apprentices
  • Use verbal drills to drive home learning
  • Immediately and repeatedly correct them

Building the Mindset of Your Apprentices

  • Fully immerse them in the culture of your business
  • Teach them the reason for a task, not just the task itself
  • Focus on quality
  • Encourage them to always take care of your clients

Above all else, inspire people by leading by example. See more of how The Modern Apprentice works in the video below.

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