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7 Reasons Why Painters Should Use Google Ads

7 Reasons Why Painters Should Use Google Ads

This is a guest blog post from PCA Friend Sponsor, Changescape Web.

Running Google Ads can be a very important part of an overall digital marketing strategy. There are a lot of great reasons why painters should consider doing Google Ads.

How Painters Benefit From Google Ads

1. Get Immediate Results
So what do Google Ads really do? It comes down to the fact that Google ads can get immediate results. You can pay to get yourself at the top of Google. Now it is an ad – it’s not an organic search. When you have an immediate need to drive business, the way that you’re going to make that happen is by paying Google to run Google ads.

2. Control When You Get Leads
Painters have a big seasonality to their business across many parts of the country. One of the great things about doing Google Ads is that you can turn them on and off as needed. This can be based on season (exterior ads in the summer, interior in the winter), or if you develop a backlog and don’t need leads you can turn the Google Ads off.

3. Intention Oriented – Focused on Buying Decisions
You can really do a great job of focusing in on intention oriented activities. That means running ads targeted for very specific buying behaviors. Google is absolutely king when it comes to intention. When somebody is ready to make a purchase or ready to make a buying decision, Google organic search and Google paid ads are the most effective. Nothing is going to beat them. Facebook advertising is great, but it usually doesn’t perform anywhere near what a Google ad does when it comes to conversion when somebody is ready to make a purchase.

4. Google Ads Feed SEO
Here’s a really big missed opportunity that we see a lot of people not take advantage of. If you’re going to run Google ads, it has a really strong compliment to what your organic search ranking is and how it’s going to operate. You can learn a lot by running Google ads and incorporating what keyword phrases are used to fire the ads and getting the results. Then, make sure you are rolling those keyword phrases into your organic search engine optimization strategy.

There’s not any specific hard evidence that doing Google ads in combination with your organic SEO is going to help your organic SEO. I tend to think that it can only help if your ads are really well done and it might possibly hurt if your ads aren’t, but there is no confirmation from Google about this.

Regardless, the keyword phrase and analytics data that you get from doing Google Ads provide important insights into your SEO strategy.

5. Inexpensive Way to Test Messaging
Another overlooked aspect of Google Ads is that it provides a relatively inexpensive way to test your messaging. By looking at the performance of your ad copy and your ad headlines, you can see what messaging is working and driving the best results. Running multiple ad variations to test ad headlines and ad copy is an important feature of Google Ads. It can also help drive down the cost per click while improving conversion – leads from phone calls, text message, or form fills to your business.

6. Dominate the Search Results Page
Google Ads gives you the ability to round out dominance on the search results page. You can have your ad show up at the top of the page. Then you can show up on the Google Map results and in the organic listings. When a searcher sees a painter in the ads, the Google Map and in the organic listings on the first page, it conveys a massive amount of trust to the searcher.

7. Supplement Organic Listings
If you are not showing up on Google Maps or in the organic listings, running ads gives you the opportunity to show up for search phrases where you don’t show up organically. Even if your organic ranking is strong, there are probably some searches that you want to be found for but don’t rank for, so running Google Ads can bridge that gap.

Getting Started With Google Ads

If you would like to learn more about Google Ads for Painters, check out a recent webinar we did which you can watch at your convenience. We cover:

  • Understanding Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords)
  • How to use Google Ads
  • Why you should consider using Google Ads
  • How Google Ads compliments organic SEO
  • Why most Google Ad campaigns fall short
  • How to set the right Google Ads budget

Are you doing Google Ads? Please share your insights with us!

Photo by Vojtech Okenka from Pexels