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The Failure of Multitasking

The Failure of Multitasking

As an entrepreneur, your brain is constantly spinning and thinking of new ideas. Each day, you’re faced with countless new ideas, but you might not know what to do next. In a recent podcast with Madeleine Macrae, a business growth strategist at MM Macrae Coaching and Consulting, we discussed ways to organize your ideas, take action and reach your goals.

Data Dump

The first step to take is to get the exciting ideas out of your head and onto paper. To keep yourself engaged, use the old-fashioned pen and paper. This allows you to edit as you go and truly focus on the content. When you’re doing this, always remember no idea is too small. Focus on organizing the content, and understand you may or may not be implementing the ideas.

Focus on One Goal

Next, it’s important to pick one goal to be the focus of your efforts. It’s a common myth that multitasking will help you be more productive. The truth is that multitasking is great for items you can check off a list, but you cannot effectively take on multiple goals. Clearly define what your main focus will be and how it will help grow your business.

The Process

Write your ONE goal on a fresh piece of paper, then make three columns. Label the columns with the following:

  • Hell Yes – ideas that will absolutely help you reach your goal
  • Hell No – ideas that will not contribute to reaching your goal
  • Maybe – ideas you do not know about.

Now, go back to your original ideas from the data dump step and place each one under a column based on how applicable it is to your main goal. Once you’re done, cross off the “hell no” and “maybe” column since you won’t be using these at this time. If it’s not clear to you that an idea will help reach your goal, don’t do it.

Ready to get your ideas into action? Hear more from Madeleine on the recent PaintED podcast.