We Want Sales Problems

What does a Tesla truck have to do with sales? Well, you’re going to have to listen to find out! I talked with Nick LoGrasso for this episode of PaintED, and somehow we went from the topic of wanting more sales problems, to the topic of pinewood derby cars. Can you guess the connection? Well…that’s the only hint I’m giving you about what’s in this episode of PaintED. Don’t worry. We have Nick with us…it’ll be fun.

And, yes, of course, Nick will be at the PCA EXPO, and he’ll even be leading some Brain Melds with his team to help you solve some business challenges. Wow…this EXPO is coming up in a few weeks. Can you believe it? We have a lot of people talking about it. Check out some of the influencers in our industry posting about it and mentioning it on podcasts…excitement is building.

Register at pcapainted.org/expo, and you can email me at education@PCApaintED.org.