Leadership is Not Management

Do you have strategically-structured roles for your team that flow out of your mission statement for your company? Do you have a sensible method for scheduling that is streamlined and uncluttered? Do you know how to run meetings effectively and how often to schedule them? Enter Scrum Management. And yes, I know, It’s Scrum Leadership, not ‘management’…or so I’ve been told again and again by the Scrum Leader himself, Torlando Hakes of Color Theory in Bloomington Indiana. In this episode of PaintED, I talk with Torlando about the Workshop he’ll be presenting at the EXPO called Sprint: Building Roles, Meeting Structure, and Scheduling for Your Team Using Scrum Leadership. We discuss, job roles, scheduling, productive meeting methods, and cash flow management for growth. I mean…cash flow leadership for growth!

Don’t miss the Workshop about Scrum at the EXPO with an opportunity to build a Master Plan and to do group with other contractors working on the same thing! Register at PCApaintED.org/EXPO.

You can reach Torlando at connect.colorbook.site/Torlando