Residential Interior Series – Craftsman Operating Procedures (English)

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Zip File – 20 Residential Interior COP Documents.

Craftsmanship Operating Procedures
Residential Interior Series

A. COP Training Program Guide                                                            
B. COP Training Program Checklist
C. Session Attendance Record
D. Employee Training Record
E. Standard Tools

I-GL-1 Task Sequencing for Painting with a Brush & Roller
I-GL-2 Area Final Completion
I-GL-3 Masking/Dust Protection for Furnished Area
I-GL-4 Shop Setup & Maintenance

I-PR-1 Six Panel Door Preparation
I-PR-2 Caulking
I-PR-3 Filling Nail Holes
I-PR-4 Molding & Trip Preparation
I-PR-5 Repairing Cracks in Drywall/Veneer Plaster Systems
I-PR-6 Repairing Holes in Drywall/Veneer Plaster Systems
I-PR-7 Wall & Ceiling Preparation
I-PR-8 Wall & Ceiling Washing
I-PR-9 Wallpaper Stripping
I-PR-10 Washing Trim
I-PR-11 Window Sash & Casing Preparation, Double-Hung with Divided Lites

I-PT-1 Six Panel Door Painting
I-PT-2 Ceiling Painting
I-PT-3 Molding & Trim Painting
I-PT-4 Wall Painting
I-PT-5 Window & Sash Painting