Residential Interior Series – Craftsman Operating Procedures (Spanish)



Zip File – This items includes 20 Residential Inte:

Craftsmanship Operating Procedures
Residential Interior Series- Spanish Version

A. COP Training Program Guide                                                               
B. COP Training Program Checklist
C. Session Attendance Record
D. Employee Training Record
E. Standard Tools

I-GL-1 Task Sequencing for Painting with a Brush & Roller
I-GL-2 Area Final Completion
I-GL-3 Masking/Dust Protection for Furnished Area
I-GL-4 Shop Setup & Maintenance

I-PR-1 Six Panel Door Preparation
I-PR-2 Caulking
I-PR-3 Filling Nail Holes
I-PR-4 Molding & Trip Preparation
I-PR-5 Repairing Cracks in Drywall/Veneer Plaster Systems
I-PR-6 Repairing Holes in Drywall/Veneer Plaster Systems
I-PR-7 Wall & Ceiling Preparation
I-PR-8 Wall & Ceiling Washing
I-PR-9 Wallpaper Stripping
I-PR-10 Washing Trim
I-PR-11 Window Sash & Casing Preparation, Double-Hung with Divided Lites

I-PT-1 Six Panel Door Painting
I-PT-2 Ceiling Painting
I-PT-3 Molding & Trim Painting
I-PT-4 Wall Painting
I-PT-5 Window & Sash Painting

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