Paint Care

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Callie Yow


PaintCare is the non-profit organization that plans and operates paint stewardship programs in states that pass paint stewardship laws. These are referred to as “PaintCare states.” PaintCare currently operates programs in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Maine, Minnesota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and the District of Columbia, and is currently planning programs in Washington and New York, set to launch in 2021.

In these states, PaintCare sets up convenient, year-round drop-off sites where businesses and households can drop-off leftover house paints, stains, and varnishes. Paint managed by PaintCare is recycled or put to beneficial use whenever possible. Through its more than 1,800 drop-off sites, PaintCare has managed over 44 million gallons of leftover paint in ten years of operation.

The paint recycling program, including collection, transportation, processing, and public education, is funded by a fee (called the PaintCare fee) on each container of architectural paint sold in PaintCare states. The paint stewardship law requires all manufacturers to add the PaintCare fee to each container of architectural paint sold in that state. Manufacturers pass the cost of the fee to distributors and retailers, who apply the PaintCare fee to the purchase price. When estimating jobs in PaintCare states, painting contractors should take the PaintCare fee into account by checking with suppliers and ensuring quotes include the fee. Let your customers know that the fee is included in your quotes and that it covers the cost of the paint recycling program.

Painting contractors in PaintCare states can benefit from the PaintCare program by using it to recycle leftover paint at no additional cost. Contractors may use PaintCare’s drop-off sites for small quantities of leftover paint or may take advantage of its large volume pick-up service for large quantities at no cost to the user. Households and businesses with 200 gallons or more of eligible products, measured in container size, may be qualified to receive a free pickup. Visit to learn whether you qualify for a large volume pickup and schedule online.