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Purdy produces only the highest quality painting tools. Our meticulously handcrafted brushes, high-quality roller covers and handtools have been the choice of professionals for over 85 years. Each Purdy brush is an individually built instrument designed, formulated, and handcrafted for maximum painting performance. Our attention to detail in the manufacturing processes makes Purdy brushes the industry standard among paint tool manufacturers. The material we use in our roller covers is superb because we work closely with our suppliers to ensure they use only the finest fabrics available. The high-quality fibers used in Purdy covers do not mat down and hold a lot of paint, allowing pick up and release of the paint in an even fashion.

The one constant the Purdy’s philosophy is still one of QUALITY, SERVICE and VALUE, all of which are done with INTEGRITY. Purdy continues to handcraft the world’s finest painting tools. We are the “yardstick” by which all other painting tools are measured. We will always strive to remain far ahead of our competition and continue to improve our products as we market throughout the world!