Training Series Overview

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The Professional Standard

PCA training is sourced from decades of studying the best practices and compiling them into one convenient place for contractors.

Based on the tried-and-true Craftsman Operating Procedures (COPs), we begin by introducing the trade in the Trade Best Practice (TBP) series. This series gives the new tradesperson a comprehensive background on career options, while introducing basic skills, tools and personal protection equipment.

Move from trade introduction to tactical skills training with the PCA Painter Training series. This series provides Level 1, 2, 3 interior and exterior skills taught by experts in the industry.

Trade Best Practice Series

The Trade Best Practice series gives the new tradesperson a complete and comprehensive background on all the trade has to offer in terms of career options, while introducing the basic skills. This 15-video series includes career motivating interviews with tradespeople, contractors, and crew leaders. Enjoy job-site visits, safety information and skill demonstrations.

PCA Painter Training Series

The PCA Painter Training series will be released incrementally in 2022 beginning with Level 1 Interior skill. The complete series will contain Level 1, 2, and 3 modules for both interior and exterior painting. Each level is a natural guide to knowing when it's time to promote a tradesperson.

The Interior Level 1 series will start beginners with learning how to operate a cordless drill and remove door and cabinet hardware. Other topics include applying tape to baseboards, cleaning brushes, and protecting floors.


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