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PCA Members see double-digit growth year over year. The average member reports an increase of 15.5% in annual growth with revenues at 1.86M.

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Members spend an average of $390,000 on paint products annually making up 21% of gross revenue.
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  • Full customization of the brand exposure and experience with PCA members is available at this level.


  • For those who want to get the most out of their exposure and participate in all of the digital content and host exclusive events for PCA Members and followers.


  • For those who want to drive branded educational resources for PCA Members while also being an active industry voice.


  • For those seeking consistent brand exposure via educational resources and digital campaigns


  • For those who want to show their support for the industry and explore PCA's digital footprint.


  • For those established supplier/manufacturer interested in engaging with industry professionals through education.


  • New to the industry? This is perfect for a new company or solopreneur.


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