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3 Proven Strategies for Avoiding Callbacks from FrogTape®

3 Proven Strategies for Avoiding Callbacks from FrogTape®

Based on today’s economic climate and critical labor shortage, it’s more important than ever to reduce or eliminate callbacks. Not only can these costly mistakes strain your employees, but they can also cause less attention to other jobs, reduce your profit margins and eventually lead to the potential loss of future business. One or two callbacks can quickly snowball into an avalanche of complaints and unhappy clients.

How so? First, referrals are adversely affected when homeowners talk with one another and share their unpleasant experiences. And when those same homeowners take their displeasure online and leave negative reviews on social media, the impact can be much more permanent. Callbacks can also hurt a company’s productivity by inhibiting the ability of the team to move on to other projects. This pushes back timelines, delays outdoor projects that might require good weather (blowing your window of opportunity in the process) and increase pressure and expectations on team members. The good news is that many callbacks are preventable. You just need the right strategies for avoiding them.

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This article provides a rundown of three of these key strategies and how they can help you keep your business running profitably and your client reviews top-notch.