Business Anatomy

Our industry is experiencing a lot of positive change, and PCA is bringing a lot of cool things to the table in 2020 and 2021. One of the newest education pieces we’ve created yet is Business Anatomy. Business Anatomy is a video story about a PCA member company that has grown in inspiring ways over the years.

In the first episode, which premiered at EXPO 2020, Chad Jeffries of Brick City Painting and Drywall in Mexico, MO takes us on a tour of his business and shares his story. It is truly an underdog narrative that epitomizes the kind of potential available to someone making their career in the painting industry. It made us proud of the caliber of business owners we find in our association.

If you’re a painting business owner listening to this, know that you are part of the group of brilliant and courageous business owners who are doing great things in our industry.

Enjoy this conversations between Chris Shank, PCA’s Education Director, Chad Schirmer, the director of Business Anatomy and Chad Jeffries, the business owner featured in our first episode. We’ve also included the full audio of the story in this podcast.

View the full video here.