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Cascading Leadership

Cascading Leadership that Attracts Talent

When it comes to attracting talent, you likely don’t need to hire hundreds of seasoned painters. Instead, you should focus on attracting good people and turning them to good painters. In our recent conversation with Brian Nolan, he discussed two types of leadership, cascading leadership and hourglass leadership.

Hourglass leadership is often referred to as owning a job. The workflow can be compared to sand falling through the narrow portion of an hourglass. All ideas and tasks have to come through you and end up taking longer. Some of the downfalls of this leadership style include: focusing only on what has to get done immediately, tying one person down with all the tasks and challenges finding quality workers.

On the other hand, cascading leadership distributes responsibility across all levels. This style passes down the ownership and frees up time for everyone. Some benefits of cascading leadership include:

  • Delegation of tasks
  • Time to focus on things you want to do
  • Teamwork is valued

In order to implement cascading leadership in your company, you should start with a clear vision, implement effective systems, determine your structure and plan for the future. Then, you should focus on finding good people to work at your company.

Don’t miss Brian’s presentation at the 2019 PCA EXPO where he explains more about starting at the top and maintaining an effective leadership style in your business.