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Pathway to Success, Core Values

Pathway to Success – Core Values

As you tackle your employee training and customer relations, it’s important to outline what you value to see the most success. We recently had a conversation with Nick Slavik, host of Ask-A-Painter Live, and he explained the five core values he uses in his company. These are the kind of values that are adaptable to any sort of business, especially a painting business.

Gain and Maintain Trust

In a business, you have to do certain things initially gain trust. Then, you must maintain without giving any sort of indication people cannot trust you. To keep track of this value, Nick asks his employees if their coworkers trust them and if they delivered what was promised to clients.

Continuous Improvement

You need to constantly be improving, and Nick Slavik makes it his goal to make the improvement curve happen faster. He makes sure employees master their skills and get better every day. He asks if employees became a better painter and a better leader to promote this value.

Quality Always Wins

Maintaining the highest level of quality in your work is always the way to see the most success. Nick asks his employees if they’ve maintained the quality standard of company and if they’re doing work that could win a national award.


One of the most important parts of Nick’s business, this value comes directly from a navy seal, stating that the more disciplined you are, the more freedom you will create for yourself.


In the painting industry, you need to hustle and put in quality hard work. If you’re not producing something great in your extra time, you need to be smarter about what you’re doing.

Ready to use these values in your own business? Download the Pathway to Success poster here.