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Interactive Workshop, PCA Painting Contractors EXPO

Build Your Own Business Plans at EXPO

The annual PCA EXPO is the leading event for painting business owners and their teams looking to expand their skills, get up-to-date educational content, network with peers and connect with the brightest minds in the industry.

New this year at the EXPO, we’re offering interactive workshop sessions to support your business growth. Not only will you hear new strategies and success stories from presenters, but you’ll also have the opportunity to develop a custom plan specific to your business.

Each workshop consists of an in-depth presentation to introduce the topic, then shifts to a collaborative group session to work through the details of a plan for your own business. Once complete, you’ll have a solid business plan in hand to take home and implement right away.

Workshop Topics

Systems to Implement the Trade Best Practice Series in Your Company (Two Parts)

The Trade Best Practice Series is a series of videos produced by the Painting Contractors Association designed to help business owners on-board new employees. The video series helps new and existing employees learn more about the painting industry, learn what it means to be a part of a painting company team, and learn the basics of how to prep, clean, sand, prime, paint, and more! New instructional materials, learning pathways, and additional training aids will be available in February 2020, and the EXPO Workshop will help you create a Master Plan to start training first-time employees individually or in a classroom and will help you create refresher training for existing employees. Find the Trade Best Practice Series here.

Creating a Comprehensive Online Marketing Map (Two Parts)

Website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google My Business, SEO, PPC, Display Ads, Email Marketing, Directory Sites, Apps –ARG#!!!! Too many choices! What do you need and where do you need to be found to create an effective online presence? In this workshop, we’ll cover the key elements of developing an effective web presence, including understanding the customer value journey, describing your ideal customer, determining what to prioritize to create an effective web presence, and how to calculate a marketing budget.

Sprint: Building Roles, Meeting Structure, and Scheduling for Your Team Using Scrum Management (Two Parts)

Being a business owner can sometimes feel like a curse. It’s hard to fight that feeling that something in your business is about to crash and burn. In the Sprint Workshop owners and leaders will learn how to get their business to work for them, instead of the other way around. You’ll leave with a simple and straightforward plan to organize your team, regain control of the production schedule and finally delegate the responsibilities that have been keeping you up at night. That way you can save yourself from the curse of business and turn it into a blessing that gives you more freedom, satisfaction and money.

The Proven System to Attract & Hire Rockstar Staff: Resources, Templates, and Processes to Stack Your Team (Two Parts)

Bringing on new team members is one of the most vital and misunderstood skills in business. We will be covering the key steps required to find, filter and hire the perfect team members, who give you the space and ability to grow your business to the next level.

Join us February 19-21, 2020 in Phoenix-Glendale, AZ for the EXPO to create your own custom business plan, hear from top leaders in the industry, make new business connections and have all your industry questions answered.