Principles of Innovation and Advancement

If you’ve never met a keyboard enthusiast, you’re in for a treat. In this episode of PaintED, Jason Paris of Paris Painting in Minneapolis, Minnesota shares with us his love for a very small niche of the technology world: computer keyboards. And while we geek out over keyboards for approximately 6 minutes and 37.4 seconds, there is a strong analogy here to the business world. Business and technology progress in much the same way when it comes to innovation. The many iterations of the progress we see are very specific to their time, environment, and social atmosphere. There’s a reason the old-style “QWERTY” keyboard arrangement was good for its time. But now, like a lot of things, people have forgotten why it started, and they continue with it—not because it’s still the best way, but because it’s convenient and everyone’s doing it. So, how do we know which things in business are out-moded, and maybe more importantly, how do we know when it will be profitable to innovate? Jason asks the big questions and even gets started on some of the answers.

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