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PCA Brand New Name and Logo

Same Great Content, New Name

You may have noticed our logo looks a little different and we are going by PCA instead of PDCA. To better represent the industry we serve and show the growth of our trade association, we updated our name to be the Painting Contractors Association (PCA). Along with that comes a new logo and some minor changes to our website.

As our organization grows, we’ve adapted to meet the needs of the growing painting industry. Over the past few years, our logo has transitioned to be what it is today.

The association has always been referred to by its acronym, which was often confused. This new change relieves the confusion of why the acronym “PDCA” did not align with the Painting Contractors Association. People don’t always know what acronyms mean and words like “decorating” can have a tendency to date the association. Since the association changed from Painting & Decorating Contractors of America to Painting Contractors Association, this positions us to not only be inclusive of current members and younger generations starting painting businesses in the future but also signifies we are inclusive of painting contractors globally–no longer just the United States.

PCA Board Chair, Gina Koert, said, “Resistance to change is one of the biggest challenges for continuous improvement and new opportunities in an organization. However, our mission as a trade association to the industry remains unchanged; the newest change to PCA seemed appropriate for many reasons. Our Board of Directors voted and the change was a great way to reintroduce ourselves and tell the industry we are evolving, forward thinking and staying relevant as an association.”

Now known as PCA, we want you to know we are continuously dedicated to the success of the painting contractors through ethics, education and excellence.