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The Legislative Process, How Painting Contractors Benefit from the Paintcare Program

PaintCare, the Legislative Process, and How Painting Contractors Benefit

PaintCare is the nonprofit organization that plans and operates paint stewardship programs in states that pass paint stewardship laws. We are a supporting sponsor of PCA and work closely together to share how painting contractors benefit from the PaintCare program.

Recently, PaintCare collaborated with PCA and hosted a webinar geared toward painting contractors who were interested in learning more about the program. Heidi McAuliffe, Kevin Lynch, and Cole Palea joined the live webinar on June 17 to share the process of passing the paint stewardship law in a state, how the law impacts program partners like retailers, households, and businesses, and the many benefits to painting contractors as a result.

Heidi McAuliffe, Vice President of Government Affairs, described the elements of the paint stewardship law, sharing that PaintCare currently operates 10 active programs in CA, CO, CT, DC, ME, MN, OR, RI, VT, and WA. An 11th program is being planned in New York and slated to begin early 2022.

Kevin Lynch, Colorado Program Manager, provided an overview of the PaintCare program from its start in 2010 through the following decade of dedication to convenient and sustainable management practices to keep paint out of the waste stream and put to better use wherever possible. Lynch mentioned PaintCare’s network of over 2,000 drop-off sites across these 10 programs that make it easy for households and businesses to recycle leftover paint at their convenience. He also reviewed several benefits to painting contractors, including the Large Volume Pickup (LVP) service, paint collection events, drop-off sites, and more. Finally, Lynch shared that PaintCare will reach 50 million gallons of paint collected by the end of the month.

Cole Palea, General Manager at Novo Painting and Property Services also joined the panel and shared his experience working with PaintCare on the ground in Washington. Sharing his expertise was valuable to painting contractors, and Palea answered specific questions related to daily operations during the Q&A session.

One of the most notable benefits to painting contractors that Lynch and Palea reviewed is the LVP service. Painting contractors are eligible to take part in this free service from PaintCare if they have 100 gallons or more of paint, measured by container size not liquid volume. Containers must be 5 gallons or less in size, in their original can and labeled correctly. PaintCare does not accept drums or bulked paint. To request an LVP, visit us online at www.paintcare.org/lvp-request.

Overall, the webinar provided helpful information for painting contractors and provided a few ways to learn more or request further program information. For updates and program details, please visit us online at paintcare.org or visit the PaintCare sponsor page here.