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Painting Contractors Give Back

PCA Contractors Make an Impact in Their Communities

Many PCA contractors are committed to spreading positivity and giving back in their own communities. We’re proud to share a few stories of PCA members making a positive impact below.

Giving Back with Animal Parades

Risa Roe of Adam Roe Painting, Inc. in Meridian, ID wanted to do something to support families in her community and help provide for them after seeing the impact of COVID-19. That’s when she started to organize animal parades to visit subdivisions in Meridian, bringing joy to many along the way! The parades featured donkeys, horses, goats, chickens, dogs, ducks and a camel. 

With the plan to do three parades, the goal was to serve as a food drive with volunteers collecting food along the routes. After hearing about the parades, a local news station ran a story, and Adam Roe Painting decided to do one final parade. 

After the fourth and final parade, they had collected about 5,000 pounds of food and donated it to the Meridian Food Bank.

Coming Together to Support a Project at Boulder Crest Foundation

Boulder Crest Foundation ensures that combat veterans, first responders and their families

can live great lives in the aftermath of trauma. Kyle Amsberry, the son of long-time PCA members Carole Anderson and Nick Brassfield of Brassberrys Painting in Arizona, works with the organization.  

Through his connection, Carole and Nick were aware of the professional painting equipment needed to benefit the Boulder Crest team. Several individuals were willing to help get this organization the equipment they need to complete projects on their 30+ acres of land, stalls, barns, cabins and outbuildings. 

We’re proud to share the donations from several organizations within our association. Thanks to Graco, Sherwin-Williams in Leesburg, VA, Complete Spray Systems in Arizona, Cody Muir with Dunn Edwards Paints and Brassberrys Painting, projects at Boulder Crest Foundation were supplied with the equipment needed to move forward. 

With many organizations involved with this project being located across the United States, the collaboration and long-distance giving proved to bring outstanding results.

The Remodel for Reason Campaign 

In response to COVID-19 and the toll it’s taking on health care workers, one PCA member company started the campaign, Remodel for Reason, to give back to frontline workers. Paint Track, located in Westchester, NY, is offering 10 essential workers free painting services of up to $1,500 once deemed safe to begin construction work. 

The generosity doesn’t stop there. Paint Track is encouraging other industry professionals to get involved with Remodel for Reason in their own communities. Contractors can offer as many free services as they’d like to health care workers in their local areas. 

To get involved and learn more, contractors can get started by filling out this form or email Remodel4Reason@painttrack.com.

Giving Back with Daily Work

Mission Painting & Home Improvements, located in Overland Park, KS, is passionate about helping at-risk children both in the United States and around the world to create a better chance for tomorrow. 

This mission came to life when Mission Painting owner, Eric Regan, visited orphanages in Nepal. He made the decision that Mission Painting would do everything in its power to support women and children in need, all in an effort to fight and end human trafficking. Every year, they donate 10% of profits to Forgotten Children Worldwide. And today, their entire business is dedicated to transforming the lives of others in need. 

One of Mission Painting’s core values is “Stewarding Our Resources” and they make it clear, on their website, that a portion of resources gained through professional painting and personalized service go straight to causes they care about. Their clients are not charged anything extra for this initiative- it’s purely this business’s mission to serve and support women and children who are victims of human trafficking. 

Mission Painting’s overall goal is to provide as much value as they can so that they can give as much as they can. 

Paint-It-Forward Program

Inspired by the national Paint-It-Forward Program, Mission Painting coordinated a joint effort between Benjamin Moore, Spectrum Paint and Sherwin Williams- 10% of all material purchases from those businesses help local Kansas City organizations that share Mission’s heart to support vulnerable women and children.  Those organizations, which anyone can nominate, receive discounted rates on painting services thanks to the accumulating Paint-it-Forward fund. 

“This is not only a way to give back externally to our community, but internally as well- our painting crews have the ability to work through the winter months for organizations we love to serve”, said Eric. 

Eric and his team have allocated profit to support these great missions- hence the name of his company. But none of it is possible if they don’t deliver on exceptional paint jobs throughout Kansas City. Their guarantee is ‘We leave your home better than we found it.’ And from what we can tell, they’re hoping to make this world a better place in the process.

Have you been giving back to your community? We’d love to hear about it! Email us at support@PCApaintED.org to let us know how your business has been making a difference.