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Responding to COVID-19

Responding to COVID-19

In a recent PaintED podcast, we sat down with some industry leaders to understand what they are doing in response to COVID-19.

Jason Paris from Paris Painting, Gina Koert from Shamrock Painting and Nick May Walls By Design shared their experiences and what they are doing to protect their businesses, employees and their customers. Check out some of the highlights below. 

Reduce Overhead

One of the topics covered in the podcast was ways to slow down overhead. As work may slow, this is a crucial time to determine ways to reduce your overhead. Take a critical look at every single line item to identify where you can save. 

Keep Your Team Busy

Take a look at how your staff can work the most effectively. It might make sense for your office staff to work from home. On the other end, your field team might have to shift the way they work. Due to cancellations and new projects arising, be mindful of where your team needs to be sent in the coming weeks. 

Lead Your Team

Maintain a calm environment while addressing current issues with your team. Make sure everyone at your company is informed about the situation and encourage them to act accordingly. Provide the resources and knowledge they need to remain safe and best serve your customers. 

Paralysis is not Allowed

In this crucial time, paralysis is not allowed. It’s easy to stop making decisions and reduce your accountability, but leaders are responsible for keeping businesses and teams moving forward. 

Want more insight around responding to COVID-19? Tune in to the PaintED podcast.