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Technology Efficiency for Business

With technology moving faster than ever, it can be a great opportunity to use the latest products to help you and your team keep things running smoothly and efficiently. Brad Bollinger, PCA contractor and developer of the SwatchDeck app is an avid user and researcher of such technologies that can be beneficial to your business.

In this webinar, Brad will discuss and demonstrate how phone/device apps and software can help automate daily processes for painting businesses to increase productivity. He shares his favorite apps, what specific processes they can help you with and a short tutorial of their abilities.

Brad covers apps for customer management, scheduling, estimating, instant messaging, social media, accounting, email marketing and more.


Get Started Using New Technology

Start by recognizing the repetitive processes that need attention in your business. Maybe you could use help creating invoices or scheduling jobs. Once you identify where you need help, Brad outlined steps you can take to get started:

  1. Create a blueprint of events
  2. Evaluate different app options
  3. Become an expert on an application, then introduce to your team
  4. Give your staff 30 days minimum to learn the software
  5. Set a date for implementation and stick to it

Download the Essential Technology You Need to Boost Your Business worksheet below to see some of Brad’s favorite software and start your plan for adopting new technology. This webinar is available now as part of your PCA membership.


DOWNLOAD: Essential Technology You Need To Boost Your Business


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