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Streamline your life with OneNote

The Tool That Does it All

If you haven’t figured out how to utilize the “One tool to rule them all,” then you will want to view this webinar. Randy Fornoff, President of MTS Painting and the Residential Forum, outlines how to use OneNote for project management, meeting organization, multi-platform note arrangement, and…life in general!

“You don’t have to text or email yourself.”

After watching this webinar you’ll know all the ways OneNote can help streamline your life. Randy demonstrates the ways he uses OneNote in for his business, how he keeps himself organized for success and the extensive abilities the program offers to help you manage all of the things you do every day. He’ll take you step by step through the program so that you can immediately apply the skills to your business and personal ventures.

This webinar is available now as part of your PCA membership or join PCA to gain full access.