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Using Instagram for Profitably Marketing

Tips for Profitably Marketing on Instagram

Zach Kenney of ZK Painting in Rhode Island has seen huge success in his business from using Instagram. In fact, most of his revenue is developed from connections through his business Instagram account. 

In just over three years, Zach has built a following of over 23,000 followers on his Instagram. Below are a few top tips we got in a recent PaintED podcast with Zach. 

Curate Content at the Beginning

Share content from other accounts. This is a great way to build up your content and get in front of your audience more often when getting started on Instagram. After growing his Instagram following, Zach has shifted to only share external content on his story. His feed is reserved for content from his business only. 

Get Your Foot in the Door

Send a direct message or tag other industry businesses you’d like to work with in the future. This gives you the chance to start the conversation around building a new partnership to reach a wider audience. 

Make Content to Attract and Educate Your Ideal Client

Put out content that helps your business sell a job. This strategy may not gain you the most likes, but it will appeal to the right audience. 

Polish Your Content 

You have a short amount of time to capture the attention of your audience. Spend some extra time editing photo and video content to make it look professional. 

Hear more about Zach’s success on Instagram by listening to the full podcast here.